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  00024561   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorassigned (labarca)2016-05-31Static IP Address cannot be set
  00025302   [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-30Full Log incomplete
  0002539 1 [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
blockassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-28Imposible to install Call Center Addon
  0002538 2 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-26QUEUE graba informacion del audio solamente en formato wav, se cambio para wav49 no se graba en asteriskcdrdb.
  00025341   [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
majorassigned (labarca)2016-05-26Incoming Call Transferred for a Queue won't recording the audio.
  000252942 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-26callback feature not working for inbound callers
  000253546 [Elastix distro]
CDR Report
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-26Duplicate CDR reports for calls in a queue, as well, as duplicate call recordings
  000253641 [Elastix distro]
minorconfirmed (a_villacis)2016-05-25Embedded FreePBX: cannot select last item from right-hand list due to obscuring scrollbar on mouse hover (was: Listbox creazy)
  0002537    [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-25Call Recording Does not work
  00025321   [Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
minorresolved (a_villacis)2016-05-25The language module cannot select all of the supported languages
  00022604   [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
majorresolved (a_villacis)2016-05-25Al actualizar la version 2.4, se pasa a version 2.5 y el panel FOP deja de funcionar.
  0002533    [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
majorassigned (labarca)2016-05-24Call stoped recording when transfer a outgoing call
  00025316   [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-24DINOMI LOGIN ISSUES AND FORM ISSUES
  000252321 [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-23Error PBX menu after updated Centos kernel
  00021401   [Elastix distro]
majorfeedback2016-05-23All circuit is busy please try later
  000252743 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
featureacknowledged (a_villacis)2016-05-23Feature Request: Display outgoing calls not generated from campaigns for agents logged in to the agent console.
  000250741 [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-05-23Campaign monitoring does not show any data; dialer using wrong time
  000252653 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-23Manual Dialing Campaign .csv import appends contact list rather than overwrite contact list.
  000252577 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-23Inconsistencies between reports: Calls per Agent vs Efficiency per Agent, etc.
  000252823 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorresolved (a_villacis)2016-05-20My Scripts and forms are not being displayed in the agent console.
  0002491    [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-19Remote SMTP authentication not working with Office365 (Exchange Online) server (possibly all TLS?)
  00025243   [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
minorresolved (a_villacis)2016-05-18On Demand Recording not displayed on monitoring web interface and not creating file properly
  000250842 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
Call Generation
minorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-05-17No funciona el Outbound Predictivo
  000207323   [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
majorconfirmed (a_villacis)2016-05-17No se pueden ver las grabaciones en Monitoring
  00020973   [Elastix distro]
majorresolved (a_villacis)2016-05-17recording internal calls doesnt work
  0002522    [Elastix distro]
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-15GrandStream - Language, Date and Time format are still by default
  00025211   [Elastix distro]
featurenew2016-05-13Add adminer MySQL administration php file
  00025201   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorassigned (labarca)2016-05-12Unable to config ip address from GUI
  00009061   [Elastix distro]
Module :: Agenda/Calendar
textresolved (asantos)2016-05-09Mensaje cuando se quiere hacer una llamada pero aun no se tiene una extension asignada
  0002519    [Elastix distro]
Elastix Backup/Restore
crashassigned (labarca)2016-05-09Elastix Last Version
  000251821 [Elastix distro]
trivialassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-09Unable to use freepbx backup/restore
  00025114   [Elastix distro]
Module :: Agenda/Calendar
blockassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-08Unable to add and ne event.
  0002517    [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
crashassigned (labarca)2016-05-06Elastix4 SIP TRUNK problem to other PBX
  00025143   [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
Call Generation
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-06Crear CSV con varios telefonos
  000251611 [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
featurefeedback (a_villacis)2016-05-06Funcionalidad reportes Call Center
  0002515    [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorassigned (labarca)2016-05-03I can't login in gui after installing Elastix 4 stable version
  00025131   [Elastix distro]
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-01Sounds Languages modules missing into Admin menu
  0002512 1 [Elastix distro]
minornew2016-04-29Preference - Date/Time issue.
  0002510    [Elastix distro]
Module :: WebConf
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-04-28webconf web page is empty
  00024722   [Elastix distro]
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-04-28Paused agents continue to receiving calls
  000250211 [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-04-28Cronometro de agente en descaso no se muestra correctamente
  0002509    [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
blockassigned (labarca)2016-04-28NoSuchPackage: dmraid - anaconda
  000250331 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorresolved (a_villacis)2016-04-22No puedo armar el archivo CSV
  00024492   [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
crashfeedback (a_villacis)2016-04-22cdr_mysql
  00023662312 [Elastix distro]
minorconfirmed (a_villacis)2016-04-22The main menu is not fully translated into Russian
  0002506    [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
textassigned (a_villacis)2016-04-13I'm trying to load a phone book with hebrew name and the PBX can't see the text line.
  0002505    [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
minorassigned (labarca)2016-04-12AMI Changes
  0002504    [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-04-12Elastix corta llamadas
  000240911 [Elastix distro]
majorconfirmed (a_villacis)2016-03-31Distributed Dialplan Addon not working after upgrading to elastix-framework-2.5.0-8
  00024983   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-03-29Call Centre Loading Contacts for Campaigns
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