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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00020851[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-12-19CIDnumber passed as inbound trunk name from Kamailio
   000207314[Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
majorconfirmed (a_villacis)2014-12-18No se pueden ver las grabaciones en Monitoring
   00020443[Elastix distro]
Elastix Backup/Restore
majornew2014-12-16Unable to generate a backup copy
   00020781[Elastix distro]
Elastix Operator Panel
minorassigned (eabad)2014-12-15Queue doesn't work
   0002084 [Elastix distro]
tweaknew2014-12-15Russian domains
   00019823[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (bmacias)2014-12-12Elastix Server Registration
   00019906[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (bmacias)2014-12-12The system can not connect to the Web Service resource. Please check your Internet connection.
   0002083 [Module : Call Center]
Call Center
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-12-12las llamadas no se cortan en el tiempo prefijado cuando seteamos el parĂ¡mentro L en "configuracion general/Asterisk Dial command
   000052112[Elastix distro]
majorassigned (bmacias)2014-12-12Helios IP with display with Yealink video phone
   0002017 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (bmacias)2014-12-12No inclidue file into manager.conf
   00020371[Elastix distro]
minorassigned (bmacias)2014-12-12ToolTips don't display correctly.
   00020381[Elastix distro]
minorassigned (labarca)2014-12-12Info displays a wrong version.
   0002039 [Elastix distro]
End User
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-12-12User is not created into Asterisk at first.
   0002040 [Elastix distro]
crashassigned (a_villacis)2014-12-12Kamailio dwon
   00020801[Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
majorassigned (labarca)2014-12-12elaxtix.repo wrong file.
   0002082 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-12-12Error on Bulk Extension Upload
   00020585[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majoracknowledged (a_villacis)2014-12-12Asks for PIN twice
   00020771[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-12-11Transferencia asistida callcenter en elastix 2.5 no funciona
   00020701[Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
majorfeedback (eabad)2014-12-11Listen option not working under Call Recording.
   00020811[Elastix Site]
majornew2014-12-11When trying to record a new IVR for a queue I receive 'No direct script access allowed'
   00020763[Elastix distro]
minorassigned (bmacias)2014-12-11Organization domain cannot be longer than 25 characters
   00020742[Elastix distro]
minorresolved (eabad)2014-12-11Fallo en los informe CDR report de freePBX
   00020646[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
blockfeedback (a_villacis)2014-12-10chan_dahdi can't be loaded
   00020314[Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
majornew2014-12-09Call Flow Toggle Control
   0002079 [Elastix distro]
Repository/Source File Issues
blockassigned (labarca)2014-12-09The GPG keys listed for the "Updates RPM Repository for Elastix" repository are already installed but they are not correct.
   00020713[Elastix distro]
minorconfirmed (a_villacis)2014-12-08When creating a SIP extension and setting record incoming & outgoing to Always. It's saved as On Demand.
   0002072 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (eabad)2014-12-05Extension defaults to nat=no and should be nat=yes
   0002028 [Elastix distro]
featurenew2014-12-04opcion de ayuda en elastix 3
   0002068 [Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-12-03unable to save form data 401 unathorized agent
   0002067 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (eabad)2014-12-03The organization name is not listed correctly in Fax Viewer
   0002066 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (labarca)2014-12-03No salen datos en el tarificador de elastix
   00019112[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorresolved (a_villacis)2014-12-03Web GUI does not work properly on Firefox
   00019132[Elastix distro]
Module :: Call Center
majorresolved (a_villacis)2014-12-03Agent Console does not come up automatically after successful Login
   00020491[Elastix distro]
Installation issues
crashresolved (eabad)2014-12-03Elastix 3.0.0 x86_64 cannot boot after installation *Unsupported Hardware Device CPU"
   0002065 [Elastix distro]
End User
majornew2014-12-03Voicemail to Email Not Woking.
   00020611[Elastix distro]
crashfeedback2014-12-02Admin not rendering
   00020553[Elastix distro]
Installation issues
blockconfirmed (eabad)2014-12-01Yum update renders the system useless
   00020602[Elastix distro]
Installation issues
minorresolved (eabad)2014-12-01Yum update errors after fresh install
  00020046[Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
majorconfirmed (eabad)2014-12-01Cannot not add organizations domain with hyphen in it
   00020293[Elastix distro]
majorconfirmed (a_villacis)2014-12-01Password of extension is not saved
   00020532[Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
minorresolved (a_villacis)2014-12-01Saving extension clears secret
   00018752[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorconfirmed (a_villacis)2014-12-01Ring Group only rings last number in list.
   00020571[Elastix distro]
Elastix Operator Panel
minorresolved (eabad)2014-12-01Creating Ring Group from the interface
   00020512[Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
majorresolved (a_villacis)2014-12-01Organisation domain name does not allow the - (dash) character
   0002059 [Elastix distro]
majornew2014-11-28Visual Dial plan (VisualDialplanElastixEdition) muestra pantalla en blanco.
   00019253[Elastix distro]
Installation issues
blockassigned (a_villacis)2014-11-27Cannot login on fresh install of Elastix 3.0 RC1
   00020521[Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
majorassigned (labarca)2014-11-27Found 4 pre-existing rpmdb problem(s)
   00020561[Elastix distro]
majornew2014-11-27Elastix voicemail not working
   00020541[Elastix distro]
crashnew2014-11-26Bug Elastix 3.0 SIP do not register
   00019211[Elastix distro]
blockassigned (eabad)2014-11-25Problema con time conditions
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