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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00019081[Elastix distro]
majorfeedback2014-04-14Heartbleed OpenSSL ssl/tsl serius vulneravility Security issue
   00018434[Elastix distro]
minorfeedback2014-04-14Fax fields does not appear in extension page
   00019074[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-04-08Agent isn't really in break when ending a programmed call
   00018366[Elastix distro]
Installation issues
textconfirmed (labarca)2014-03-30Asignación de clave a superadmin tiene mensaje de rechazo poco descriptivo [era: Elastix 3 beta1 i386 no se deja instalar]
   00018762[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-28Campaign Monitoring Total and Pending calls
   00019054[Elastix distro]
Module :: Addons
minorassigned (asantos)2014-03-27Visual Dialplan shows blank page
   00019061[Elastix distro]
Module :: Call Center
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-26Some of the Russian symbols are not displayed correctly in the call script in Elastix Call Center module
   0001684 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Agenda/Calendar
featureassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-24Implementar capacidad de buscar por subcadena en contacto vía REST
   00012662[Elastix distro]
Module :: Agenda/Calendar
majorresolved (a_villacis)2014-03-24Calendar en Elastix 2.3.0 no funciona explorer ni firefox
   00018962[Elastix distro]
Module :: Addons
blockassigned (asantos)2014-03-21Addon doesn't work. Still search
   00019041[Elastix distro]
featureassigned (dpaez)2014-03-20Propuesta para envio de Fax
   00018683[Elastix distro]
minorresolved (achuto)2014-03-20Non second-level domains don't work for creating a Organization.
   0001902 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-16Problemas con Grabaciones de Monitoreo
   0001901 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-15No hay manera de listar contraseñas para poder configurar teléfonos manualmente
   0001900 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-15Creación de troncal SIP permite guardar una troncal con lista vacía de organizaciones autorizadas
   00018971[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
blockresolved (a_villacis)2014-03-15PBX Chrashed /Blocked
   00018947[Elastix distro]
Module :: Addons
blockfeedback (asantos)2014-03-12Addons doesnot work to add call center
   0001895 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Addons
majorassigned (asantos)2014-03-11WebShell
   00018931[Elastix Site]
minornew2014-03-09Aborting reload because
   0001892 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (dpaez)2014-03-08Virtual FAX didn't recognize Greek Characters
   0001890 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-06No se puede eliminar un DID de una organizacion.
   0001891 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
minorassigned (bmacias)2014-03-06Las grabaciones y los reportes CDR no se ven en elastix, pero si se almacenan en /var/spool/asterisk/monitor
   00018721[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
featurefeedback (a_villacis)2014-03-05Terminar de migrar todo acceso a base de datos de asterisk a ODBC
   00018711[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorfeedback (a_villacis)2014-03-05Hay varios proveedores CDR instalados funcionando, y sólo es necesario uno
   00018881[Elastix distro]
minornew2014-03-05Bulgarian Translation for Elastix 2.5
   00018861[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
tweakfeedback (a_villacis)2014-03-05Reorganizar empaquetamiento de Asterisk para que se asemeje al de EPEL
   0001889 [Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-05Problemas para cargar modulo PBX ===>> Monitoring
   00018453[Elastix distro]
Elastix ARM
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2014-03-05uelastix (Raspberry pi) can't start run
   00018183[Elastix distro]
minorassigned (dpaez)2014-03-04elastix 2.0.0-57 incoming calls drop every 20 seconds
   0001887 [Elastix distro]
Telephony Cards
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-03-03Se cortan las llamadas con tarjeta PSTN, CLI no me funciona
   00015919[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
blockfeedback (a_villacis)2014-02-28Segmentation error after YUM UPDATE Elastix 2.4.0
   0001885 [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
tweaknew2014-02-28asterisk-perl 1.03 está disponible
   00018832[Elastix distro]
End User
minorfeedback2014-02-28Elastix end User Profile
   0001884 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Addons
majorassigned (asantos)2014-02-28problema con web el addon webshell
   00018083[Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
crashconfirmed (labarca)2014-02-27unable to add extension after doing "yum update"
   00017531[Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
minorresolved (labarca)2014-02-272.3.0 to 2.4.0 Yum Update Fails
   00018802[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorresolved (a_villacis)2014-02-27Can't override 'extensions_addtionnal.conf'
   00018663[Elastix distro]
Elastix ARM
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-02-27Elastix 3 SIP trunk problem
   00018813[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorresolved (a_villacis)2014-02-26Consola de agente no detecta llamada activa y no permite colgar
   00018323[Elastix distro]
Installation issues
crashresolved (a_villacis)2014-02-26Crash, red screen on install on Hyper-V 2012 R2
   00018556[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
crashresolved (a_villacis)2014-02-26Crash of phone OS immediately after the answering (Welltech WVP-900)
   00018821[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorresolved (a_villacis)2014-02-26Consola de agente no detecta llamada activa y no permite colgar
   00018561[Elastix distro]
Hardware Detection
blockassigned (bmacias)2014-02-25Cannot use Shutdown button or Network card from Hyper-V 3.0 from Windows Server 2012 R2
   00018524[Elastix distro]
majorassigned (dpaez)2014-02-24Alarm box and Alarmreceiver not communicating.
   00018782[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2014-02-23problem with calls per agent counter
   0001879 [Elastix distro]
Module :: WebConf
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-02-22No Video unless I start it manually
   00018444[Elastix distro]
Module :: Call Center
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2014-02-21Agent Console Outgoing Calls NOT ACTIVE
   0001877 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (labarca)2014-02-21Extension filter in summery by extention does not return any results
   0001875 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-02-20Ring Group only rings last number in list.
   0001874 [Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
minornew2014-02-20elastix-framework-3.0.0-5 no empaqueta todos los temas
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