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  0001485111 [Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
minorresolved (a_villacis)2016-07-21Dashboard High CPU
  0002567    [Elastix distro]
minornew2016-07-21Call recording issues
  00025661   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
blockassigned (labarca)2016-07-21Elastix 4.0 stable is crashing after firstboot.service
  00017472   [Elastix distro]
Elastix Backup/Restore
tweakresolved (a_villacis)2016-07-18Unable to generate a backup copy
  00025401   [Elastix distro]
Elastix MTE
majornew2016-07-18Trunk Peer details, mandatory username field
  0002565    [Addons ]
Addon :: Distributed DialPlan
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-07-16Cannot install addon in Elastix 4 Stable, reports Warning: No packages to install or update
  00024613   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorresolved (labarca)2016-07-16Cannot install addon in Elastix 4 Stable, reports Warning: No packages to install or update
  0002564    [Elastix distro]
minornew2016-07-13modulo call center no muestra conectados los agentes en modo call back login
  000253556 [Elastix distro]
CDR Report
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-07-12Duplicate CDR reports for calls in a queue, as well, as duplicate call recordings
  0002563    [Elastix distro]
Elastix MTE
minornew2016-07-11Unable to Login to Elastix
  0002562    [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-07-10Problema URL con insercion Embebdida en la consola de agente
  00024472   [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-07-10Problema con url external en el modulo callcenter
  00025552   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
minorassigned (labarca)2016-07-08You can not select the last item in the list due to obscuring scrollbar on mouse hover
  0002561    [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
minorassigned (labarca)2016-07-06yum update fails on dependencies
  00011541   [Elastix distro]
featureassigned (edu19432)2016-07-06Additional permissions to add to a group
  000256021 [Elastix distro]
minorresolved (a_villacis)2016-07-05SQL injection
  0002559    [Addons ]
Addon :: Distributed DialPlan
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-07-01Fallo de DUNDI en elastix 2.5
  0002558    [Elastix distro]
minornew2016-06-29Paging not working
  00024563   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorfeedback (labarca)2016-06-29Static IP Address cannot be set
  0002557    [Elastix distro]
minornew2016-06-29/var/log/message flooded caused by date.timezone not configured into php.ini
  00025541   [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
crashassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-24AGENT LOGIN ERROR!
  00025493   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorassigned (labarca)2016-06-22Remote SMTP not Working
  0002147171 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
tweakconfirmed (a_villacis)2016-06-22all recordings in "Monitoring List" is Type = Incoming
  00025531   [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
minorresolved (a_villacis)2016-06-22buscando grabaciones.
  0002552    [Addons ]
Addon :: VoIP Provider
minornew2016-06-22CDR reports
  000252683 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
featureacknowledged (a_villacis)2016-06-21Manual Dialing Campaign .csv import appends contact list rather than overwrite contact list.
  0002551 1 [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
minorassigned (labarca)2016-06-20Can't install addon
  000252341 [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-17Error PBX menu after updated Centos kernel
  0002550    [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-17Add HANGUPCAUSE to macro-dialout-trunk-custom
  00024465   [Elastix distro]
crashassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-15Updated Elastix and PBX stopped working
  000254521 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-15DINOMI Manage/Reports/Manual Calls doesn't show any calls
  00023465   [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-06-15Sin acceso a la consola de agente en modo "Callback Login"
  00025191   [Elastix distro]
Elastix Backup/Restore
crashfeedback (labarca)2016-06-14Elastix Last Version
  00025317   [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-06-14DINOMI LOGIN ISSUES AND FORM ISSUES
  000253911 [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
blockresolved (a_villacis)2016-06-14Imposible to install Call Center Addon
  00025431   [Elastix distro]
Elastix 4 (Centos 7)
majorfeedback (labarca)2016-06-14Cannot load GUI
  00025461   [Addons ]
Addon :: Call Center
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-06-14Predictive dialer stop
  000254431 [DINOMI (formerly Call Center Pro)]
minorconfirmed (a_villacis)2016-06-14Cannot delete manual campaign with skipped contacts (Was: Error when deleting manual call campaign)
  0002491    [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-13Remote SMTP authentication not working with Office365 (Exchange Online) server (possibly all TLS?)
  0002548    [Elastix distro]
majornew2016-06-13Can't record incoming calls
  00025309   [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-10Full Log incomplete
  0002547    [Addons ]
Addon :: Developer
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-09THE OPTION DEVELOPER DOESNT HAVE LOAD MODULE
  0002542    [Addons ]
Addon :: Monitoring Services
majornew2016-06-03Monitoring Services actualizar para Elastix 4
  0002541    [Elastix distro]
featureassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-02Problemas con lo buzones al actualizar FreePbx
  00009585   [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorfeedback (a_villacis)2016-06-01parking lot
  0002058272 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majoracknowledged (a_villacis)2016-06-01Asks for PIN twice
  000252942 [Elastix distro]
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-06-01callback feature not working for inbound callers
  0002538 2 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
minorassigned (a_villacis)2016-05-26QUEUE graba informacion del audio solamente en formato wav, se cambio para wav49 no se graba en asteriskcdrdb.
  00025341   [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
majorassigned (labarca)2016-05-26Incoming Call Transferred for a Queue won't recording the audio.
  000253641 [Elastix distro]
minorconfirmed (a_villacis)2016-05-25Embedded FreePBX: cannot select last item from right-hand list due to obscuring scrollbar on mouse hover (was: Listbox creazy)
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