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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00019623[Elastix distro]
Module :: Addons
majorfeedback2014-08-19"The system can not connect to the Web Service resource. Please check your Internet connection."
   00019521[Elastix distro]
Telephony Cards
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-08-18ISDN-Card not working
   00019402[Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
majorassigned (dpaez)2014-08-12Queue recordings doesn't show on Monitoring
   00019532[Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
blocknew2014-08-12Problema con tarjetas Sangoma luego de un yum update
   00019611[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-08-12Forged IP address in bruteforce attacks
   00018881[Elastix distro]
featureassigned (labarca)2014-08-11Bulgarian Translation for Elastix 2.5
   00019571[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorassigned (dpaez)2014-08-11Asterisk crash after WEBUI modification
   00019581[Elastix distro]
featurefeedback2014-08-11MySQL root password shown as plain text in /etc/elastix.conf
   00019591[Elastix distro]
minorresolved2014-08-11English label wrong in /PBX/PBX Admin Settings/General Settings Admin
   0001960 [Elastix distro]
minornew2014-08-10Disable external MySQL access by default using bind-address=
   0001956 [Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
minornew2014-08-08DAHDI Module did not loaded after yum update
   00014632[Elastix distro]
Elastix Backup/Restore
minorfeedback2014-08-07Error en cyrus despues de hacer un Backup de Email
   00019472[Elastix distro]
Upgrade Issues
crashfeedback (labarca)2014-08-07Upgrade error
   00019442[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
crashfeedback (dpaez)2014-08-07IMPLENTACION DEL CALL CENTER
   00019542[Elastix distro]
minorfeedback2014-08-07error during execution sampler.php and postfixstat.php
   0001955 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
minorassigned (bmacias)2014-08-07Unnecessary CDR (0 sec) record is created for unattended call transfer calls
   0001951 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
crashassigned (eabad)2014-08-06Sala De Conferencias En Micro UCS
   00016105[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
majorfeedback (a_villacis)2014-08-06Calls crossed
   00019493[Elastix distro]
Hardware Detection
majorassigned (bmacias)2014-08-05Sangoma card no longer detected or shows after yum update
   00019252[Elastix distro]
Installation issues
blockassigned (a_villacis)2014-08-03Cannot login on fresh install of Elastix 3.0 RC1
   0001950 [Elastix distro]
Installation issues
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-08-03Unable to properly set the mysql and superadmin password in Virtual box
   00019461[Elastix distro]
featureassigned (bmacias)2014-07-31Obligado a ingresar "Código de Area" al crear una "Organización", en Uruguay no tenemos "Código de Área"
   00019382[Elastix distro]
Elastix Backup/Restore
majorassigned (dpaez)2014-07-30After restore backup PBX screen not coming
   0001948 [Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-07-30Monitoring por Llamadas de Agente
   0001943 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorassigned (dpaez)2014-07-30Voice message can't be deleted via IVR menu
   00019418[Elastix distro]
   00019451[Elastix distro]
featurefeedback2014-07-28No aparece opción de "Registrar" servidor en el icono "i" en la consola web
   00019361[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-07-22Duplicidad de llamadas
   0001939 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
crashassigned (a_villacis)2014-07-22index.php?menu=pbxadmin page is coming blank
   0001937 [Module : Call Center]
Call Center
featureassigned (a_villacis)2014-07-19Call Center campaign CSV file upload location
   00019301[Elastix distro]
Elastix Operator Panel
majorassigned (bmacias)2014-07-16elastix dahdi trunks panel operator not working
   0001926 [Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
minorassigned (jnarvaez)2014-07-16Asterisk logs not given an opportunity to choose a date for logs
   0001934 [Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
minorassigned (dpaez)2014-07-15Network menu must be improved
   0001935 [Elastix distro]
Module :: Monitoring
minorassigned (bmacias)2014-07-15call not recorded after transfer
   00019331[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-07-14BLF not working as it did in beta versions
   00018022[Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-07-11Ring all not working in ring group and queue
   0001932 [Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
featurenew2014-07-09Agregar funcionalidad para especificar proxy HTTP para servicios SoapClient
   00019311[Module : Call Center]
Call Center
minorresolved (a_villacis)2014-07-08Reporte Login-Logout no filtra por colas.
   00019281[Elastix distro]
minorresolved2014-07-04Module Address Book has bugged behavior
   00019271[Elastix distro]
Module :: WebConf
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-06-25NO VIDEO NI AUDIO WEBCONFERENCE
   0001924 [Elastix distro]
PBX (Asterisk)
minorassigned (a_villacis)2014-06-10Intercom not working
   00017052[Elastix distro]
Telephony Cards
blockassigned (a_villacis)2014-06-10Digium Te13x cards not supported
   0001923 [Elastix distro]
Installation issues
majorassigned (a_villacis)2014-06-08Installation hangs when asked for Mysql Password
   0001920 [Elastix distro]
featureassigned (labarca)2014-05-28No se puede obtener el valor asignado de variables globales,
   0001921 [Elastix distro]
blockassigned (dpaez)2014-05-28Problema con time conditions
   0001918 [Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
featureassigned (dpaez)2014-05-27No carga valores almacenados de IVRs al editarlos
   0001922 [Elastix distro]
majornew2014-05-21No se pude completar wancfg_dahdi
   00019171[Elastix distro]
Other Elastix GUI Issues
featureresolved (achuto)2014-05-20No se pueden guardar cambios
   0001919 [Elastix distro]
featurenew2014-05-20No se puede monitorear hints
   0001916 [Elastix distro]
featurenew2014-05-20Agregar los módulos: chan_oss.so, chan_alsa.so, chan_ooh323.so con sus respectivos archivos de configuración
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