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0001076Addons Addon :: Call Centerpublic2011-11-13 16:322011-11-23 15:05
Assigned Toa_villacis 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001076: Agent login fails as soon as the call is answered with the error Agent log-in terminated.
DescriptionA few weeks back, I have successfully tested the Agent Console functionality provided by elastix-callcenter-2.1.1-0.noarch.rpm on my Elastix 2.0 system with Asterisk

Today, when I installed the updated RPM elastix-callcenter-2.1.2-0.noarch.rpm, the agent login stopped working. I am able to select an agent number and an extension, pressing the Enter button initiates the call to the phone, but as soon as the call is answered, the call is dropped and the error message "Agent log-in terminated." is displayed on the Agent Console page.
Additional InformationI tested the new RPM on my test system with Elastix 2.2 and Asterisk 1.8 - no problems encountered there. It looks like the new version possibly relies on some Asterisk 1.8 specific behavior or feature.
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Attached Files? file icon XMLDialerConn.class.php [^] (120,001 bytes) 2011-11-15 10:22

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related to 0001062resolveda_villacis Agent login process not started 

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a_villacis (administrator)
2011-11-14 10:40

I am currently unable to reproduce this with elastix-callcenter-2.1.2 on a virgin Elastix-2.0.3 installation. I will try to update this setup to the latest packages. In the meantime, please enable the debug option in CallCenter-->Configuration, restart the dialer, and try to reproduce the problem. Then post the file /opt/elastix/dialer/dialerd.log and point out which extension and which agent number were used by the test.
misha (reporter)
2011-11-14 10:47

I did a bit of an investigation in the PHP code. I found out that the reason for the failure is the use of a feature code for AgentLogin that is different from the default one (*8888).
There is even a note in the code that the hardcoded code *8888 should be replaced by a parameter:

            // TODO: el *8888 debería parametrizarse
            $sPista1 = '*8888'.$sAgente.'@';
misha (reporter)
2011-11-14 10:48

After I changed the hardcoded value to the code that we used, the agent login from the Agent Console is working again.
a_villacis (administrator)
2011-11-14 11:33

SVN commit 3293 makes the dialer independent of the *8888 dialstring, so theoretically the agentlogin context should not be needed anymore, and *8888 can therefore be reassigned to any other purpose.
misha (reporter)
2011-11-14 11:40

When can we expect a release of the call center module with the SVN commit 3293? :-)
a_villacis (administrator)
2011-11-15 10:23

I would say somewhere in next week. But if you can't wait, you can replace the XMLDialerConn.class.php file in /opt/elastix/dialer/ with the version uploaded in this bug report. Please ensure you make a backup of the file first, in case anything goes wrong, and then restart the dialer.
a_villacis (administrator)
2011-11-23 10:35

This bug should be fixed in elastix-callcenter-2.1.3-0 which is available for update. Please test and report whether problem was fixed.
misha (reporter)
2011-11-23 12:36

The fix is confirmed - the version 2.1.3 works correctly. Thanks.

You may consider fixing the following copy/paste problem:

         $tuplaAbandonadas = $this->_dbConn->getRow($sqlLlamadasAbandonadas, array($idCampania), DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC);
- if (DB::isError($recordset)) {
+ if (DB::isError($tuplaAbandonadas)) {
             $this->oMainLog->output("ERR: no se puede leer histograma de la campaña (abandonadas) - ".$recordset->getMessage());
a_villacis (administrator)
2011-11-23 15:05

Reported as fixed by update.

Thanks for the copy/paste tip. Fixed in SVN.

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